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Who is Roshan Baraili?

Hello Everyone, Iā€™m the Head Instructor of Dance and Fitness With over 8 years of experience in the dance industry, and 5 years in fitness, International instructor at The Dancing Divas (TDD) Kuwait šŸ‡°šŸ‡¼ passionate about working with the students and helping them develop life skills, confidence, and grace through dance. also offers professional video and photography shoots for students and outsider to take their skills on the big platform.

My experience includes high school drill team, leadership , choreographer for competition teams, ensembles, and solos, experience in teaching dance camps.

"I work best in environments that are organized, well-scheduled, and positive by nature. Helping people with the good healthcare tips to maintain their physical and mental health.

"My personality is the same as my teaching style: actionable, considerate, and compassionate.

roshan BARAILI

Our studio has evolved into a perfect hybrid of dance and Fitness classes for all ages, competition companies, dance company, and a pre-professional and professional training academy for the serious dancer seeking a career in the performing arts. Our students are being accepted into top reality shows too.

Along with helping the students to make a career in dancing, i also helps them to develop and handle their portfolio and website to enhance their options and take it to next level.

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